Wireless system for controlling storage conditions

STORE-LOGGER Application

A secure application for your phone

The STORE-LOGGER application, launched on an Android device, enables the configuration of the monitoring system, retrieves current and historical data from attached sensors, displays and records downloaded measurements in the device’s memory.

The STORE-LOGGER application enables presentation of measurement history in graphical form for a given period of time, export of measurement history from a given period to files in CSV and PDF formats and sending e-mail of CSV and PDF files with a measurement history from a given period.

The STORE-LOGGER application, after exceeding the programmed alarm thresholds, signals the alarm situation: optically on the device screen (in red), sound signals, voice messages, sent e-mails and SMSes, and prints reports from individual sensors on the attached printer with interface Bluetooth or on a built-in printer.

The application sends data to a collective archive maintained on the server LBX SERVER.

LBX data server

Secure central data archive

LBX SERVER computer program running on a computer with Windows system: collects measurement data from many STORE-LOGGER systems by means of Internet transmission (Ethernet, GSM), archives measurement data from all cooperating devices, enables signaling of various alarm situations, provides visualization of results in the form charts, tables and reports.

Additional computers with the LBX CLIENT program can be connected to the computer with the LBX SERVER program, enabling the service to work simultaneously at many positions in any location.

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